Crossfit Photography

Need high quality Crossfit Photography?

Crossfit Photography

Let the professionals at RXPics provide you and your athletes  with high quality Crossfit Photography services.

Your athletes work hard and you should show off their accomplishments.  Whether you are hosting a Crossfit competition, photos of your athletes to use on your website, Facebook page or blog we can capture it.

Joey Washburn and Tony Agosto have over 40 years of experience in Photography, both of them started long before the digital era.  Our team of experienced photographers use professional level DSLRs and other professional equipment to ensure you receive the highest quality of images.  Joey has been shooting Action Sports for over 25 years and has been published in National Publications such as Racer X, Snowboarder, Heckler and has written articles about Crossfit Photography for Tabata Times.  Tony has been featured numerous times on the Crossfit HQ Instagram as well on

Do you have a photographer/media team at your gym, then check out our Crossfit Photography Tips.  Crossfit Photography can be overwhelming to learn at first.  We will help you understand things like ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture as well as how to compose a proper Crossfit Photograph.

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